Sunken Ghost Ship

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Sunken Ghost Ship
Wendy's Castle ~ Valley of Bowser 1
Powerups Mushroom.png Feather.png
Lunar Dragon Dragoncoin.png
Goal Times
96 Exit 299
All Castles 299
No Starworld 299
95 Exit, No Cape 299
No Cape, No Starworld 299
Lunar Dragon 299

All Categories

Boo Ring Despawn


👀 Visual Cue:
If the two vertically aligned boos are within the red box, the first boo ring should despawn. If they are too far right, delay a bit before the boo cloud next despawns. If they are too far left, scroll the screen right after the boo cloud despawns and returns.

Orb Despawn

It is not recommended to collect the second star in the third room. In addition to being slower, collecting it adds the risk of despawning the orb at the end of the level, especially if Yoshi is present. If too many sprites are on screen (including falling Koopa shells), the orb that ends the level will not be able to spawn. If this does happen, the orb can be spawned by swimming in the water until the platform it spawns on is offscreen, and then swimming back up. With the strats shown on this page, there is no risk of an orb despawn if done properly.

96 Exit & All Castles

In All Castles, grab a backup cape from the block in the first room.

Video: Sunken Ghost Ship - Cape, Yoshi Source: Sten

No Starworld

Regular Strat

Video: Sunken Ghost Ship - Cape Source: Sten

Double Despawn

When the boo cloud is in a very precise positon, it will continue to spawn as mario moves into the area with the boo rings. If this happens, srcoll the screen right to prevent it from spawning again, as it is impossible to swim through without taking damage. This strat, done correctly, is very slightly faster than the regular despawn.

Video: Sunken Ghost Ship - Cape (Double Despawn) Source: Sten

No Cape Categories

Enter Big

Video: Sunken Ghost Ship - No Cape Source: Sten

Enter Small

In 95 Exit, No Cape the boo rings will vary depending on how Donut Secret House and Vanilla Ghost House were played.

Video: Sunken Ghost Ship - Small Only Source: Sten

Lunar Dragon

Video: Sunken Ghost Ship - Lunar Dragon Source: Umari0

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