Valley Ghost House

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Valley Ghost House
Valley of Bowser 4 ~ Valley Fortress
Powerups Flower.png
Lunar Dragon Dragoncoin.png
Goal Times
Normal Secret
96 Exit 279 279
All Castles 279
95 Exit, No Cape 278 256
Lunar Dragon 279 267

Normal Exit

96 Exit

Video: Valley Ghost House Normal Exit - Cape Source: Sten

95 Exit, No Cape

Video: Valley Ghost House Normal Exit - No Cape Source: Sten

Secret Exit

Cape Categories

After flying in the third room, hold duck and hit the gap at the right angle to get sexy slide. If mario clips into the gap but loses horizontal speed, hold down, right and mash B in order to get through.

Safe Strat

Video: Valley Ghost House Secret Exit - Cape (Safe) Source: Sten

Door Fly

This strat saves about a second, but is much more dangerous.

Video: Valley Ghost House Secret Exit - Cape (Door Fly) Source: Sten

Door Fly Failsafe

By tapping then holding B for the door fly, flying too high and hitting the boo line doesn't become a problem.

Video: Valley Ghost House Secret Exit - Cape (Door Fly Failsafe) Source: SilverStar6609

Super Sexy Slide

This strat saves a bit of time over the normal sexy slide, and is more precise.

Video: super sexy slide Source: Bramz

95 Exit, No Cape

Block Snake

Video: Valley Ghost House Secret Exit - No Cape (Block Snake) Source: Sten

Boo Bounce

This strat may seem particurarly difficult, since it involves a couple of boo bounces while offscreen, but the setup is consistent.

Bounce 7 times on the boo from the left, to make sure he keeps moving, then, after the 7th bounce, hold left a just little longer before moving all the way to the right (watch the input display), performing an 8th bounce on the boo to reach the upper platform. Make sure to hold right and down on the d-pad to slide into the 1-tile gap.

Video: Valley Ghost House Secret Exit - No Cape (Boo Bounce) Source: Lui

Lunar Dragon

Video: Valley Ghost House Secret Exit - Lunar Dragon Source: Umari0

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