Choco-Ghost House

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Choco-Ghost House
Chocolate Island 5 ~ Chocolate Secret
Powerups Flower.png Feather.png
Lunar Dragon
Goal Times
96 Exit 263
All Castles 263
No Starworld 263
95 Exit, No Cape 261
No Cape, No Starworld 261
Lunar Dragon 263

Cape Categories


It is important to note that above this stage there is a pipe that can get in the way while flying over the stage. Fly just barely off screen, as there is not much room.

Safe Strats

Video: Choco-Ghost House - Cape (Safe) Source: Sten

Fast Strats

These Strats save a second at most, and are quite tricky.
The Door fly at the end only saves time if you land on the very right of the platform after the boo bounce.

Video: Choco-Ghost House - Cape (Fast) Source: Sten

Alternate Fast Strats

This room 1 requires no floating with Mario's cape but is conditional. It doesn't work with instant fast fly. If Mario gets 51 flight speed before the fishing boo, it can be done just like in the video. If Mario gets 51 flight speed after the fishing boo appears, tap A to float for one framerule after cape cancelling on the fishing boo.
The regular jump in room 2 is to start the flight meter for the door fly. Some find this method easier than using a spin fly to set the flight meter.

Video: Choco Ghost House - Cape (Fast) Source: SilverStar6609

No Cape Categories

Jump immediately after the first door in case you miss it, or just wait and attempt the door after the hole has moved out from under it.

Video: Choco-Ghost House - No cape Source: Sten

Small Only or Damageless No Cape

If Mario is small, the left-right is not required. Be careful to hold left AFTER bouncing on the boo line, as holding before or during will result in damage.

Video: Choco Ghost House - No Cape Damageless Source: SilverStar6609

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