Donut Plains 4

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Donut Plains 4
Donut Plains 3 ~ Green Switch Palace
Powerups Mushroom.png Flower.png Feather.png Green.png
Lunar Dragon Dragoncoin.png Moon.png
Goal Times
96 Exit 258
All Castles 258
No Starworld 263
95 Exit, No Cape 261
No Cape, No Starworld 255
Small Only 260
Lunar Dragon 263

96 Exit & All Castles

Grab Yoshi here if you are attempting VD1 wings and/or VD2 clip, otherwise use the No Starworld strat below.

Video: Donut Plains 4 - Cape, Get Yoshi Source: Sten

No Starworld

Flying lower brings more foreground objects into view and makes it easier to adjust flight speed to 51. Flying higher is recommended for beginners, especially considering the goomba rain spawns from the top of the screen.

Video: Donut Plains 4 - Cape Source: SilverStar6609

95 Exit, No Cape

In 95 exit, grab fire here in order to kill Morton quickly.

Video: Donut Plains 4 - No Cape, Get Fire, Yoshi Source: Sten

No Cape, No Starworld

Star Strat

If entering the stage as fire mario, grab the star from the roulette block to clear the end of the stage easily.

Video: Donut Plains 4, No Cape, Fire, Get Yoshi Source: MinionX

Fire Flower Grab

If entering the stage as small mario, grab fire from the roulette block in order to kill Morton, Ludwig and Roy quickly.

Video: Donut Plains 4, No Cape, Get Fire, Get Yoshi Source: MaestroBrau

Alternatively doing it scrolless is slightly less optimal but seems a little bit easier. This also shows the small mario yoshi grab, also slightly slower but useful to be familiar with rather than turn back for the midway if you go too far which is easily done.

Video: Donut Plains 4, No Cape, Get Fire, Get Yoshi, Scrolless Source: Fitz1889

Blue Shell Strat

This is an advanced strat, as the blue shell throw can be pretty tricky. The yellow shell bounce at the start only saves about 0.3 seconds and can be omitted.

Video: Donut Plains 4, No Cape, Fire Get Yoshi (Blue Shell) Source: Lui

Video: Donut Plains 4, No Cape, Fire Get Yoshi (Blue Shell Early P) Source: Schwartz_RTA

Fastest Strat

The fastest way to clear the level. The fire grab doesn't lose time, however the jump at the end is finicky and is required in order to be faster than the blue shell route.

Video: Donut Plains 4, No Cape, Fire Get Yoshi (Fastest) Source: LostC0re

Small Only

Shell Strat

Video: Donut Plains 4 - Small Only (Shell) Source: Rezephos

Under Bro Strat

The jump under the hammer bro after the roulette block has a fairly small window.

Video: Donut Plains 4 - Small Only (Under Bro) Source: Rezephos

Lunar Dragon


Video: Donut Plains 4 - Lunar Dragon Source: Umari0

Pipe Fly

Spam cape spins in the underground section to manipulate the camera and make the pipe fly setup consistent. A turnback might be needed on the way up to the 3-Up Moon.

Video: Donut Plains 4 - Lunar Dragon (Pipefly) Source: Lui

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