Donut Plains 1

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Donut Plains 1
Iggy's Castle ~ Donut Plains 2
Powerups Mushroom.png Feather.png Green.png
Lunar Dragon Dragoncoin.png
Goal Times
Normal Secret
96 Exit 363 363
All Castles 363
No Starworld 363
11 Exit 363
95 Exit, No Cape 358 360
No Cape, No Starworld 360
Small Only 360 358
Lunar Dragon 359 364

Normal Exit

96 Exit

When doing early green switch route, cape can be either be acquired from the first Super Koopa in the stage, or in Donut Plains 2.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Normal Exit - Cape Source: Sten

95 Exit, No Cape

Grab yoshi here to speed up the second half of Donut Plains and Vanilla Dome.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Normal Exit - No Cape, Get Yoshi Source: Sten

Small Only

The fastest route for this category is to get the secret exit of this level, but it requires a shell jump, which is difficult. Getting the normal exit is 30 - 40 seconds slower.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Normal Exit - Small Mario Only Source: Sten

Lunar Dragon

Video: Donut Plains 1 Normal Exit - Lunar Dragon Source: linkdeadx2

Secret Exit

Cape Categories

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - Cape Source: Lambby

DP1 Guy: You can hit the Super Koopa on the first frame you leave the ground after jumping, which saves a game second.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - Get Cape (DP1 Guy) Source: Sten

No Cape Categories

Fire Mario

Make sure to let go of run to shoot fireballs at the koopa by yoshi

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - No Cape, Get Yoshi Source: SilverStar6609

Small Mario

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - Small, Get Yoshi Source: SilverStar6609

Small Only

There are many different ways to shell jump up to the key.

The shell grabs and midair shell jumps in the next 3 videos are interchangeable.

Wall Shell Jump

The wall shell jump seems to be speed dependant and inconsistent, but it's an option to the midair shell jump.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - Small Only Wall Shell Jump Source: Zapplex

Midair Shell Jump

This is the easiest strat to shell jump to the secret exit, however shell jumping is still quite difficult. If the Parakoopa is stomped the frame it touches the ground Mario will grab the shell instantly and the Koopa will get shooted at a high speed out of the shell, if going for the jump under the pipe aim for it to get shooted to the left so it doesn't get in the way, if it gets shooted to the right then go over the pipe instead.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - Small Only Midair Shell Jump Source: Zapplex

Left Midair Shell Jump

This shell jump saves 2 seconds over the easy strat, but is much more difficult. Grabbing the first shell is slightly faster due to being able to regain p speed sooner and it also allows you to go over the pipe, but it's very risky. When going for this shell jump Mario will interact with the shell when going in front of the green switch palace blocks, pressing left too early will make you fail the shell jump, pressing left too late will make Mario bonk the yellow pipe. Getting to the top after the shell jump is speed dependant.

Video: Donut Plains 1 Secret Exit - Small Only Left Midair Shell jump Source: Zapplex

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