Vanilla Dome 3

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Vanilla Dome 3
Vanilla Dome 2 ~ Vanilla Dome 4
Powerups Flower.png Feather.png Green.png
Lunar Dragon Dragoncoin.png Moon.png
Goal Times
96 Exit 333
All Castles 333
95 Exit, No Cape 313
Lunar Dragon 311

Cape Categories

First Half

Rubbing up against the blue pipe makes Mario grip the steep slope when he runs down it. This consistently gives p-speed by the end of the second raft.

Vd3 cue.png

👀 Visual Cue:
A faster alternative is to spin jump when crossing the line between the 3rd and 4th skull on the very first raft, which if done successfully, makes rubbing up the pipe unnecessary.

Normal Flight

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 First Half - Cape (Normal Flight) Source: Sten

Yolo Fly

This strat is very tricky, and only saves about 1.2 seconds.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 First Half - Cape (Yolo Fly) Source: Lui

Second Half

In All Castles, red blocks will not be active, so it is possible to spinfly and hit the yoshi block from the side.

Normal Flight

Try to avoid touching the walls when flying around on yoshi as it is possible to wall clip and lose p-speed.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 Second Half - Normal Flight Source: Sten

Blargg Skip

Saves about 2 seconds over the normal flight. It can be a little tricky to get enough height to get over the lava wall, but it should be fairly consistent if you fly from just before the blargg. If you take off too late you'll stay inside the alcove area and can still attempt the normal flight as a backup.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 Second Half - Blargg Skip Source: Sten

Raft Skip

The inputs for this strat are quite complex, but can be made very consistent with practice. It is important to note that when bouncing off the blargg, you must be holding b, and not holding any direction on the d-pad. Right should be held as soon as possible after the bounce.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 Second Half - Raft Skip Source: Sten

All Castles

Buzzy Bounce

Bouncing on the buzzy to avoid walking up the wall saves time without red blocks. Keep in mind this will slightly shift the take-off spot for raft skip because of not having any pspeed when grabbing yoshi.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 Buzzy Bounce (No Red Blocks, Get Yoshi) Source: SilverStar6609

95 Exit, No Cape

No Shell Jump

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 - No Cape, Get Yoshi (No Shell Jump) Source: Calco2

Wall Shell Jump

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 - No Cape, Get Yoshi (Wall Shell Jump) Source: Calco2

Shell Jump

This strat shows off a different way of shell jumping up to the bonus game pipe. It also shows a faster yoshi grab in the second half of the stage.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 - No Cape, Get Yoshi (Shell Jump) Source: Calco2

All Castles, No Cape

Shows the fast yoshi spawn you can do in this category. Could do the same with fast room 1 by grabbing a shell before the pipe. Also shows the no blue shell end with setup for getting p-speed for the final raft jump.

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 - No Cape, Get Yoshi (No Shell Jump) Source: Fitz1889

Lunar Dragon

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 Normal Exit - Lunar Dragon, Get Yoshi Source: Umari0

Small Only

Video: Vanilla Dome 3 - Small Only Source: rezephos

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