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Yoshi's Island
Donut Plains
Vanilla Dome
Forest of Illusion
Chocolate Island
Valley of Bowser
Star World
Special World
Individual Level
Random Number Generator
Tool Assisted Speedrun / Tool Assisted Superplay
Groovy Boss Kill
Cookie Mountain Boss Kill
Double Boss Kill--getting both GBK and CMBK in a single run
Awesome Reznor Kill

General Terms

While running, pressing left for a short time to slow down. Useful for manipulating enemy spawns or for correcting a jump that went too far.
Long Jump
Tapping jump and immediately regrabbing and holding it to get a low jump but slow falling, resulting in a longer jump.
Falling through or getting stuck any sort of solid platform.
Wall Clip
When running into a wall at a high speed, and Mario acts as if he were standing on solid ground for a frame. Allows for a wall jump, but also kills P-Speed and spin jumps.
Corner Clip
When running into a corner at the top of a wall, and Mario hits the wall and the floor at the same time. Mario makes it to the platform, but P-Speed is lost. If Mario is going fast enough, he can actually fall through the block.
Wall Jump
Jumping on the frame(s) Mario is technically standing on solid ground during a wall clip.
Stair Clip/Slope Clip
When jumping at a shallower angle than the slope at the right place, Mario can fall through the slope.
Yoshi Clip
Using Yoshi to easily clip through a solid block. See Yoshi Clips.
Block Dupe
Abusing bad collision to create extra blocks by hitting them with an item at a particular position.
The item that Yoshi can grab to go to a bonus room and end the level prematurely. Usually refers to spawning unintended wings using block dupes. See Wings.
Shell Jump
Throwing a shell midair and jumping off of it immediately after. See Shell Jumps.
Item Swap
Allowing Yoshi to eat any sprite in the game by removing the item off of Yoshi's tongue as he is grabbing it.
The cloud Lakitu rides around in; usually refers to the item swap that gives you a cloud in your item box. See Cloud.
The green ? orb at the end of Sunken Ghost Ship. Usually refers to the item swap that gives you an orb in your item box. See Orb.
Neutral Jump/Hopping Glitch
Abusing speed mechanics to make Mario move ever-so-slightly faster by releasing right on the D-pad. Can be used to eke out an extra game second on the clock.
Fast Yoshi
Block duping a Yoshi block, which causes Yoshi to hatch quickly. Usually used in Yoshi's Island 2 for 11 Exit runs.
Fast Fly
Abusing speed mechanics to make Mario fly faster by tapping right until Mario is flying as fast as he can. See Flying.
Pipe Fly/Door Fly
Abusing flying mechanics to retain flight after entering a door or pipe.
Cannon Fly
Getting pipe-fly through a cannon pipe in order to fly with a higher speed than normal.
Sticky Fly
Abusing flying mechanics to stick to a ceiling while flying.
Yoshi Flight
Abusing flying mechanics to enter the flying state while riding Yoshi.
One Tile Fly
Landing on a single block and taking off again.
Abusing collision mechanics to quickly move downward by pushing Mario through yellow turn blocks.
Corner Boost
Using the edge of a block to push Mario slightly forward by moving fast enough upwards. Primarily used in water levels where it can save a frame or so per corner.
P-switch Jump
When Mario lands on a P-switch, he is considered to be on the ground for 1 frame. Pressing jump on this frame allows Mario to jump off of the switch.
Not a P-switch jump.
Key Jump
Mario can stand on a key in midair, and jump off it. By pressing Y and B on the same frame, he will regrab the key while jumping, and the process can be repeated arbitrarily. Used in some difficult ROM hack speedruns.
Platform Boost
Moving sprite platforms will push Mario while he runs on them. As such, running on platforms moving in the same direction he is moving saves time (and platforms moving the opposite direction lose time).
Eat/Tongue Cancel
Getting hit off of Yoshi while a sprite is on Yoshi's tongue will knock it off his tongue, but also modifies the sprite's interactions.
Double Eat
If two enemies are fed to baby Yoshi in quick succession, an extra one will be counted. This allows baby Yoshi to be fed with as few as 3 enemies (compared to 5 normally). If the counter is already at 4 sprites, and then the player does a double-eat with two more sprites, the last one will not be eaten but will be in a glitched state. This is similar to a tongue-cancel, but unlike tongue-cancelling, all interaction with the glitched sprite is disabled in this case.
Double Tongue
If Mario goes through a powerup (or powerdown) animation 1 frame after Yoshi's tongue begins, Yoshi will stick his tongue out a second time, even if the first tongue grabs something. This glitch is used in various boss kills.

Strat Nicknames

Going under the Podoboo in room 1 of Iggy's Castle.
Dank-Ass Iggy Room
Getting a 282 on the game timer in room 1 of Iggy's Castle without doing Underball.
Morton Fly
Spin flying up room 3 of Morton's Castle.
Fast Red Switch
Hitting the P-switch and getting pipe fly in Red Switch Palace.
Dirty Eerie
Taking off before the two Eeries in Vanilla Ghost House.
Ride of Shame
Riding on the skull rafts in Vanilla Dome 3 without flying past them.
Yolo Fly
Skipping the 2nd skull raft in Vanilla Dome 3 by performing a very tight spin fly without doing a turnback.
Blargg Skip
Skipping the skull raft after the midway point in Vanilla Dome 3 by bouncing off a Blargg.
Raft Skip
Completely skipping the skull raft after the midway point in Vanilla Dome 3 by using Yoshi flight.
Vanilla Dode 3
Doing all the fastest strats in Vanilla Dome 3; nicknamed after speedrunner Dodechehedron.
Goal Post Eat
Getting an unintentional item swap in Star World 3 that results in Baby Yoshi eating the goal tape, making the normal exit unbeatable.
Awesome Flower
Grabbing the fire flower in Awesome.
Red Block Thing
Taking off from the lowest Red ! Block while getting the secret exit of Vanilla Dome 1.
Getting Mooned/Getting Blocked/Scraping
Flying through a level with obstacles in the air, but losing flight due to crashing into them instead of flying over.
Back to the Future
Getting 288 on the game timer in the first room of Ludwig's Castle.
Left Side Clip
Yoshi clipping on the left side of the ledge in Forest of Illusion 2.
The visual cue for jumping in Forest Secret Area.
Dirty Bubble
Taking off before the first bubble in Forest of Illusion 3.
Roy Fly
Flying through the first half of Roy's Castle, skipping the block snake.
Dirty Hole
Taking off before the first hole in Choco-Ghost House.
Cooter Kill
Finishing off Wendy in Wendy's Castle by hitting her the third time while she is sticking out of a pipe upside-down.
Scroll-less Despawn
Despawning one of the Boo Rings in Sunken Ghost Ship by manipulating when the Boo Cloud appears.
Sexy Slide
Smoothly gliding through the one tile hole in Valley Ghost House by the key and keyhole.
The second room of Valley of Bowser 2.
Sandbar Clip
Clipping through the sandbar to save 12 seconds.
The Double
Clipping through the sandbar twice to save 18 seconds.
The Triple
Clipping through the sandbar three times to save 18.5 seconds.
The Quad
Clipping through the sandbar three times, then clipping through the floor in the 3rd room to save 19 seconds.
Cape Kill
The optimal strategy for defeating Bowser by flying in the sky at certain times to hit him as quickly as possible.
Ball Skip
Hitting Bowser while his is preparing the toss a ball, which causes him to not throw it.
Cloud Kill
The optimal strategy for defeating Bowser by using the Cloud to skip Bowser's animations.