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The Orb is a glitch that can be obtained in the common Super Mario Categories 11 Exit (Orb) and 11 Exit, No Cape (Orb). It can also be obtained in the Miscellaneous Super Mario World Categories 17 Message Blocks, All 4s, All Ghost Houses, All Switches, Beat Special World, Feed the Yoshi, Switch the Yoshi, World 2, World 3, and any category that does not beat Bowser, unless stated otherwise.

The Orb can also be collected in the levels Tubular, Chocolate Island 1, Chocolate Island 4, and Chocolate Island 5. Additionally, it can be found intendedly in Sunken Ghost Ship.

Yoshi Island 1

There are a few ways to obtain the Orb item. However, they all have the same basic principle. Fire kill the Rex/Piranha Plant at the end of level, then use Yoshi to collect the coin with his tongue and then steal the coin right off of his tongue. By doing so, the game item swaps with the jumping chuck near the end of the level.

Easy Strat

The easiest and most common way to obtain the orb is the Virus Orb. This is done by going next to the pipe, jumping and fire-killing the Piranha Plant. Then jumping up onto the pipe and performing the item swap.

Video: Virus Orb (Easy) Source: Sten

Intermediate Strats

Artega Orb is a variation of the item swap glitch, named after its creator Artega Omega, that was meant to bridge the gap between the easier Virus Orb and the more difficult Spinner Orb. In order to perform Artega Orb, jump onto the pipe and fire-kill the Piranha Plant. Then proceed to item swap with the coin from the plant. Please check out Artega Omega's video for more info and cues.

Video: Artega Orb (Intermediate Tutorial) Source: Artega Omega

Another variant of the Artega Orb goes under the Piranha Plant, rather than fire-killing it. In order to perform the item swap, set Yoshi around half-way to two-thirds of the way across the pipe, then perform the item swap. A crucial tip is to wait until the Orb is collected, otherwise Mario will get hit by the Clapping Chuck. Also, be sure to fire-kill the Piranha Plant when heading back.

Video: Artega Orb (Under Piranha Plant) Source: FURiOUS

A variation on the Artega Orb is the Rex Bounce Orb. Instead of landing on the ground from the Artega Orb, you instead bounce off the Rex while collecting the coin to item swap.

Video: Rex Bounce Orb Source: dram551

Advanced Strats

This is the hardest version of the Orb to perform. It requires jumping under the Piranha Plant and bouncing off of the Jumping Chuck that is item swapped onto Yoshi's tongue. The video below shows a comparison between the Spinner Orb and the Rex Bounce Orb.

Video: Spinner Orb (with Rex Bounce Orb Comaprison) Source: Lambby


Video: Tubular Orb Source: Zapplex

Chocolate Island 1

2 powerups have to be dropped from the reserve box to fill sprite slots. For the item swap drop the flower above the cloud's eyes in the background, go left without letting the camera scroll. If the first item swap fails and/or the flower gets duplicated it can be attempted again.

Video: Chocolate Island 1 Orb Source: Zapplex

Chocolate Island 4

1 powerup has to be dropped from the reserve box and the p switch has to be released from the block to fill sprite slots. If the first item swap fails and/or the flower gets duplicated it can be attempted again. Sometimes the item swap doesn't workd (Chuck is eaten but nothing happens), in which case the stage has to be left and re entered to retry.

Video: Chocolate Island 4 Orb Source: Zapplex

Chocolate Island 5

The shell choosen is on the right sprite slot for the item swap to succeed.

Video: Chocolate Island 5 Orb Source: Zapplex