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The goal of Switch the Yoshi is to complete every switch palace while riding a Yoshi that is the same color of the switch just pressed. For example, Mario must be on a green Yoshi when completing Green Switch Palace.


Green Yoshis are trivial to obtain, and blue Yoshis can be obtained by collecting wings. Red and yellow Yoshis must be retrieved from Star World 3 and 4.
Vanilla Secret 1 normal exit is completed before collecting a yellow Yoshi because if you enter Star World 3 with red Yoshi, a 1up will hatch from the egg instead.
This route relies on performing the Wings glitch in Forest of Illusion 1; otherwise, head to Star World 2 after Yellow Switch Palace to get a blue Yoshi.

No Orbs


Because of the four orbs collected, this run is mainly run without cape.
Complete Yoshi's Island 1 the first time you collect an orb so that for later orbs you can start from the midway point and start+select out of the level instead of dying.
A cape can be collected in Butter Bridge 2.