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In All Switches, the goal is to complete all 4 Switch Palaces as quickly as possible.


In general, the route is similar to No Starworld up to Blue Switch Palace, except for the small deviations made to the Switch Palaces.

No Orbs

This is one of the rare categories where you actually play Yoshi's Island 1 first.
Grab the fire flower in Iggy's Castle to beat Morton and Ludwig quicker.
If using the Wings glitch in Vanilla Dome 1 and/or doing the Yoshi Clip in Vanilla Dome 2, grab Yoshi in Donut Plains 4.


Due to how many orbs you collect (four of them), this run is done mostly without cape.
Complete Yoshi's Island 1 the first time grabbing the orb, so that for later orbs you can collect the midway point and start+select out of the level instead of dying.
If doing the Wings glitch in Vanilla Dome 1, keep Yoshi through Donut Plains 3 and 4--there are blue shells you can use to fly over the stage.
On the old route, you could only do the Yoshi Clip in Vanilla Dome 2 if you collected the cape in Vanilla Dome 1 that only exists on the US version of the game.
The new route allows you to keep Yoshi and use the cape after getting the final orb by taking an intentional death in the Ghost House and getting a cape from the green block at the start of Donut Plains 3.
If you don't take the intentional death, you'll have to do Vanilla Secret 1, 2, 3, & Fortress without a cape.
A cape can be easily grabbed at the start of Butter Bridge 2.