Top Secret Area

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Top Secret Area
Screenshot (549-1).png
Donut Ghost House ~ Donut Ghost House
Powerups Mushroom.png Flower.png Cape.png Green.png
Lunar Dragon
Goal Times

You unlock this level after taking the secret exit in Donut Secret House. It is not normally visited in speedruns, but one can visit it to recover lost powerups as a backup strat.

It is possible to "beat" the level by first putting an orb in your item box and then item swapping it with a powerup on the left side of the level (so that Mario does not reach the end of the screen before the end-of-level fanfare finishes), as seen here. Doing so will let you start+select out of the level but does not give an extra exit as there is no associated overworld event. It is also possible to die in the level by spawning two or more Yoshis (by cape-spinning the Yoshi block and collecting a flower at the same time) and tossing the visible Yoshi off the side of the stage while riding an invisible one (which becomes visible when the first visible one despawns) to clip through the floor, as seen here.