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This page is to explain the controls in Super Mario World, and how they differ between each of the different Marios.


Spin jump without holding the controller akwardly

  • Instead of holding Y button to run and A button to spin jump, simply slide your thumb upwards and use the X button to run and the A button to spin jump.

Controller Layout

  • Start Button - The Start button pauses the game when you are playing a level. It also enters selections on selection screens and starts the game. If you have beaten a level already and then re-enter that level, pressing Start then Select will exit the stage. When on the overworld, pressing Start will put you in scroll mode, where you can move around and look at the overworld. Press Start again to exit scroll mode. (Note: This can't be done on World 1).
  • Select Button - Used in conjunction with the Start button, you can exit levels you have already beaten. Also, when in a level, if you have a reserve item, pressing Select will drop it down for you.
  • L and R Buttons - Pressing the L and R buttons when in a level will scroll the screen a little bit to the right or left, depending on which you pressed. (Note: this does not work on all areas or levels).
  • D-Pad - Self explanatory. Moves Mario on the overworld and in game, changes selections on selection screens, etc.
  • A Button - Spin jump. Jump off Yoshi.
  • B Button - Normal jump.
  • X and Y Buttons - Accelerate.


  • Running - Running is simple. Just hold X or Y and press left or right on the D-Pad. It takes some time to get up to full speed, and Mario's top speed oscillates, but you don't really have to know about that when you are beginning. When running at max speed, if you press the opposite direction on the D-Pad, Mario will slide to a stop then start moving that direction.
  • Jumping - There are two types of jumps: regular and spin. Regular jumps are higher and when landing on (most) enemies, you will bounce off of them. Spin jumps are lower and will kill (most) enemies you jump on to. Enemies like the spiny lava guys and plants you will bounce off of. Know how enemies react to each jump.
  • Crouching - To crouch all you do is press down. You won't really need to use this that often. If you are crouched and holding Y, you can jump around crouched. Also, when running if you crouch mid run you will slide.
  • Interacting with Items - To pick up items, hold the Y/X button and walk into it. When holding an item, if you look up (press Up on the D-Pad) and release the Y/X button, Mario will throw it up.
  • Entering Pipes - Stand on top of the pipe and press down on the D-Pad. If the pipe is suspended in the air, jump and hold Up.
  • Triangular Blocks - When running at max speed, Mario will run up these and continue running up whatever is next to it (pipes or walls). If you are riding on Yoshi, going on top of these blocks will bounce you up in the air higher than normal.
  • Fences - To grab on to a fence, regular jump and press Up or Down when you are in front of it. Pressing the Y button on a fence will make Mario punch, which will knock enemies on the other side off. If you punch while on a revolving door, Mario will be put on the other side of the fence.
  • Ropes - To grab on to a rope, regular jump and press Up. When on a rope, holding Up or Down will make Mario climb up or down.
  • Entering Doors - Stand in front of a door and press Up on the D-Pad. Mario must be on the ground to enter the door.
  • Breaking Blocks - Rotating blocks (discussed later on) can be broken in any state other than Small Mario by spin jumping on to them.

Specific Controls

Fire Mario

When you are Fire Mario, you have the exact same controls as Super Mario, except that pressing Y or X shoots fireballs. Also, when you spin jump you will shoot out fireballs.

Caped Mario

When you are Caped Mario, the controls differ a bit. Pressing Y will make Mario do a spin attack with his cape. To fly, run at full speed then press the regular jump button. (You can also spin jump, but will not be able to stay flying.) While flying with the open cape, you can press the same direction you are moving to descend rapidly. Pressing the opposite direction while you are flying will cause Mario to stay airborne. If you land on an enemy while your cape is open you will bounce off of them. Some enemies are not bounce-able and if Mario hits them in this state he will stop flying and become invincible for a brief period of time.

Riding Yoshi

Pressing Y or X will make Yoshi's tongue come out, which can be used to eat enemies and items. If you hold up when pressing Y or X, Yoshi will stay upright when his tongue comes out. To dismount Yoshi, press A. You can dismount on the ground or in the air. You will lose momentum if you dismount on the ground, but not in the air. If you dismount as fire Mario on the ground you will shoot fire balls, but if you dismount in the air you will not. You can fly with Yoshi just as you would without, but not infinitely.


Swimming is easy enough. You press one of the jump buttons and you go up. You let go and you fall. For increased control when swimming, if you hold up on the d-pad, you will rise significantly faster, and if you hold down, Mario will swim almost perfectly horizontally. This can be used to maneuver through places like the Vanilla Fortress.

When holding items, you will swim at an increased speed going left and right. Some items (such as POW blocks) will allow you to shoot fire through them when holding them. If you are Caped Mario, you can twirl underwater to kill fish by holding Y and pressing X. Be careful when twirling as the timing window is small, and if you twirl too early or too late, you may lose shells that you are holding. POW blocks cannot be lost this way.

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