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Sprites are any entity that interacts with Mario (standard), shoots regular sprites (shooters), and starts a behaviour in the level (generators). This page contains normal sprites, but there is also extended, minor extended, cluster, overworld, bounce, smoke, score, coin, player, and quake.

ID Name Image Position/Extra Bit Variants Type and GFX page Item box ID
00 Green Koopa Troopa without shell Sprite 00.png Standard (GFX00/01) 8D, B9
01 Red Koopa Troopa without shell Sprite 01.png Standard (GFX00/01) 8E
02 Blue Koopa Troopa without shell Sprite 02.png Standard (GFX00/01) 8F
03 Yellow Koopa Troopa without shell Sprite 03.png Standard (GFX00/01) 90
04 Green Koopa Troopa Sprite 04.png Standard (GFX00/01) 91
05 Red Koopa Troopa Sprite 05.png Standard (GFX00/01) 92
06 Blue Koopa Troopa Sprite 06.png Standard (GFX00/01) 93
07 Yellow Koopa Troopa Sprite 07.png Standard (GFX00/01) 94
08 Green Koopa Troopa flying left Sprite 08.png Standard (GFX00/01) 95
09 Green Koopa Troopa bouncing Sprite 09.png Sprite 09 2.png High/Low Bouncing (Y&1) Standard (GFX00/01) 96
0A Red Koopa Troopa flying vertically Sprite 0A.png Standard (GFX00/01) 97
0B Red Koopa Troopa flying horizontally Sprite 0B.png Standard (GFX00/01) 98
0C Yellow Koopa Troopa with wings Sprite 0C.png Standard (GFX00/01) 99
0D Bob-Omb Sprite 0D.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) --
0E Keyhole Sprite 0E.png Standard (GFX01) 9B
0F Goomba Sprite 0F.png Standard (GFX01) 9C
10 Bouncing Goomba with wings Sprite 10.png Standard (GFX00/01) 9D
11 Buzzy Beetle Sprite 11.png Tileset-specific (GFX04) 9E
12 Unused Sprite 12.png N/A 9F
13 Spiny Sprite 13.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) A0
14 Spiny falling Sprite 14.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) A1
15 Cheep Cheep swimming horizontally Sprite 15.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) A2
16 Cheep Cheep swimming vertically Sprite 16.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) A3
17 Cheep Cheep flying Sprite 17.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) A4
18 Cheep Cheep jumping to surface Sprite 18.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) A5
19 Display text from level message 1 Sprite 19.png Special/Generator A6
1A Classic Piranha Plant Sprite 1A.png Standard A7
1B Bouncing Football in place. Sprite 1B.png Tileset-specific (GFX04, 0E) A8
1C Bullet Bill Sprite 1C.png Standard (GFX01) A9
1D Hopping flame Sprite 1D.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) AA
1E Lakitu Sprite 1E.png Sprite 1E 2.png Normal/Fishing (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX02/13) AB
1F Magikoopa Sprite 1F.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) AC
20 Magikoopa's magic Sprite 20.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) AD
21 Moving coin Sprite 21.png Standard (GFX01) AE
22 Green vertical net Koopa Sprite 22.png Sprite 22 2.png Below/Above Net (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) AF
23 Red vertical net Koopa Sprite 23.png Sprite 23 2.png Below/Above Net (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) B0
24 Green horizontal net Koopa Sprite 24.png Sprite 24 2.png Below/Above Net (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) B1
25 Red horizontal net Koopa Sprite 25.png Sprite 25 2.png Below/Above Net (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) B2
26 Thwomp Sprite 26.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) B3
27 Thwimp Sprite 27.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) B4
28 Big Boo Sprite 28.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) B5
29 Koopa Kid Sprite 29 2.png Sprite 29 3.png Sprite 29 4.png Sprite 29 5.png Sprite 29 6.png Sprite 29 7.png Sprite 29 8.png Which Koopaling (Y=0..6) Tileset-specific B6
2A Upside-down Piranha Plant Sprite 2A.png Tileset-specific (GFX04) B7
2B Sumo Brother's lightning Sprite 2B.png Tileset-specific (GFX09) B8
2C Yoshi egg Sprite 2C.png Sprite 2C 2.png Sprite 2C 3.png Sprite 2C 2.png Red/Blue/Yellow/Blue (X&3) Tileset-specific (GFX13) --
2D Baby Yoshi Sprite 2D.png Standard BA
2E Spike Top Sprite 2E.png Tileset-specific (GFX04) BB
2F Portable springboard Sprite 2F.png Standard (GFX00) BC
30 Dry Bones that throws bones Sprite 30.png Tileset-specific (GFX12/03) BD
31 Bony Beetle Sprite 31.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) BE
32 Dry Bones that stays on ledges Sprite 32.png Tileset-specific (GFX12, see note) BF
33 Podoboo/vertical fireball Sprite 33.png Tileset-specific (GFX03, 04, or 0E) C0
34 Boss fireball Sprite 34.png Tileset-specific (GFX24) C1
35 Yoshi Sprite 35.png Standard C2
36 Unused Sprite 36.png N/A C3
37 Boo Sprite 37.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) C4
38 Eerie that moves straight Sprite 38.png Tileset-specific (GFX06/11) C5
39 Eerie that moves in a wave Sprite 39.png Tileset-specific (GFX06/11) C6
3A Urchin that moves a fixed distance Sprite 3A.png Sprite 3A 2.png Vertical/Horizontal (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX06) C7
3B Urchin that moves between walls Sprite 3B.png Sprite 3B 2.png Vertical/Horizontal (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX06) C8
3C Urchin that follows walls Sprite 3C.png Sprite 3C 2.png Counter-clockwise/Clockwise (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX06) C9
3D Rip Van Fish Sprite 3D.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) CA
3E P-switch Sprite 3E.png Sprite 3E 2.png Blue/Silver (X&1) Standard (GFX00/01) CB
3F Para-Goomba Sprite 3F.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) CC
40 Para-Bomb Sprite 40.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) CD
41 Dolphin that swims and jumps in one direction Sprite 41.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) CE
42 Dolphin that swims and jumps back and forth Sprite 42.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) CF
43 Dolphin that swims and jumps up and down Sprite 43.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) D0
44 Torpedo Ted Sprite 44.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) D1
45 Directional coins Sprite 45.png Standard (GFX01) D2
46 Diggin' Chuck Sprite 46.png Tileset-specific (GFX13/05) D3
47 Swimming/jumping fish Sprite 47.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) D4
48 Diggin' Chuck's rock Sprite 48.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) D5
49 Growing/shrinking pipe Sprite 49.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) D6
4A Goal Point Question Sphere Sprite 4A.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) D7
4B Pipe-dwelling Lakitu Sprite 4B.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) D8
4C Exploding block Sprite 4C.png Sprite 4C 2.png Sprite 4C 3.png Sprite 4C 4.png Cheep Cheep/Goomba/Shell-less Koopa/Koopa (X&3) Standard (GFX00/01) or tileset-specific (GFX13) D9
4D Monty Mole, ground-dwelling Sprite 4D.png Sprite 4D 2.png Following/Hopping (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX09) DA
4E Monty Mole, ledge-dwelling Sprite 4E.png Sprite 4E 2.png Following/Hopping (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX09) DB
4F Jumping Piranha Plant Sprite 4F.png Standard (GFX01) DC
50 Jumping Piranha Plant that spits fireballs Sprite 50.png Standard (GFX00/01) DD
51 Ninji Sprite 51.png Tileset-specific (GFX0E) DE
52 Moving hole in ghost house ledge Sprite 52.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) DF
53 Throw block sprite Sprite 53.png Standard (GFX00) E0
54 Revolving door for climbing net Sprite 54.png Tileset-specific (GFX12) E1
55 Checkerboard platform, horizontal Sprite 55.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) E2
56 Flying rock platform, horizontal Sprite 56.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) E3
57 Checkerboard platform, vertical Sprite 57.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) E4
58 Flying rock platform, vertical Sprite 58.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) E5
59 Turn block bridge, horizontal and vertical Sprite 59.png Standard (GFX00) E6
5A Turn block bridge, horizontal Sprite 5A.png Standard (GFX00) E7
5B Floating brown platform Sprite 5B.png Tileset-specific (GFX12, 13) E8
5C Floating checkerboard platform Sprite 5C.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) E9
5D Small orange floating platform Sprite 5D.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) EA
5E Large orange floating platform Sprite 5E.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) EB
5F Swinging brown platform Sprite 5F.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) EC
60 Flat switch palace switch Sprite 60.png Tileset-specific (GFX0D) ED
61 Floating skulls Sprite 61.png Tileset-specific (GFX04) EE
62 Brown line-guided platform Sprite 62.png Tileset-specific (GFX12, 13) EF
63 Brown/checkered line-guided platform Sprite 63.png Sprite 63 2.png Brown/Checkered (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12, 13 or 05) F0
64 Line-guided rope mechanism Sprite 64.png Sprite 64 2.png Sprite Memory, Long/Short (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) F1
65 Chainsaw (line-guided) Sprite 65.png Sprite 65 2.png Right & Down/Left & Up (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) F2
66 Upside-down chainsaw (line-guided) Sprite 66.png Sprite 66 2.png Right & Down/Left & Up (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) F3
67 Grinder, line-guided Sprite 67.png Sprite 67 2.png Right & Down/Left & Up (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) F4
68 Fuzzy, line-guided Sprite 68.png Sprite 68 2.png Right & Down/Left & Up (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) F5
69 Unused Sprite 69.png N/A F6
6A Coin game cloud Sprite 6A.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) F7
6B Wall springboard (left wall) Sprite 6B.png Standard (GFX00) F8
6C Wall springboard (right wall) Sprite 6C.png Standard (GFX00) F9
6D Invisible solid block Sprite 6D.png Standard (no GFX) FA
6E Dino-Rhino Sprite 6E.png Tileset-specific (GFX23) FB
6F Dino-Torch Sprite 6F.png Tileset-specific (GFX23) FC
70 Pokey Sprite 70.png Tileset-specific (GFX09) FD
71 Super Koopa with red cape Sprite 71.png Tileset-specific (GFX09) FE
72 Super Koopa with yellow cape Sprite 72.png Tileset-specific (GFX09) FF
73 Super Koopa on the ground Sprite 73.png Sprite 73 2.png Flashing/Yellow (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX09) --
74 Mushroom Sprite 74.png Standard (GFX00) 1
75 Flower Sprite 75.png Standard (GFX00) 2
76 Star Sprite 76.png Standard (GFX00) 3
77 Feather Sprite 77.png Standard (GFX00) 4
78 1-Up mushroom Sprite 78.png Standard (GFX00) 5
79 Growing vine Sprite 79.png Standard (GFX01) 6
7A Firework Sprite 7A.png Tileset-specific (GFX24/22) 7
7B Goal tape Sprite 7B.png Sprite 7B 2.png Normal/Secret (Extra Bit) Standard (GFX01) 8
7C Peach (after Bowser fight) Sprite 7C.png Tileset-specific (GFX22) 9
7D P-Balloon Sprite 7D.png Tileset-specific (GFX02, 0E) 0A
7E Flying red coin / Yoshi Wings Sprite 7E.png Sprite 7E 2.png Coin/Wings (Extra Bit) Standard (GFX00/01) 0B
7F Flying golden mushroom Sprite 7F.png Standard (GFX00/01) 0C
80 Key Sprite 80.png Standard (GFX01) 0D
81 Changing item Sprite 81.png Standard (GFX00) 0E
82 Bonus game sprite Sprite 82.png Standard (GFX00) 0F
83 Flying question block that flies left Sprite 83.png Sprite 83 2.png Sprite 83 3.png Sprite 83 4.png Coin/Flower/Feather/1-up (X&3) Standard (GFX00/01) 10
84 Flying question block that flies back and forth Sprite 84.png Sprite 84 2.png Sprite 84 3.png Sprite 84 4.png Coin/Flower/Feather/1-up (X&3) Standard (GFX00/01) 11
85 Unused Sprite 85.png N/A 12
86 Wiggler Sprite 86.png Tileset-specific (GFX02) 13
87 Lakitu's cloud Sprite 87.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 14
88 Winged cage (unused) Sprite 88.png  ??? 15
89 Layer 3 Smash Sprite 89.png Special/Generator 16
8A Yoshi's House bird Sprite 8A.png Tileset-specific (GFX0F) 17
8B Puff of smoke from Yoshi's House Sprite 8B.png Tileset-specific (GFX0F) 18
8C Side exit enabler Sprite 8C.png Sprite 8C 2.png Fireplace/No Fire (X&1) Standard or tileset-specific (GFX0F) 19
8D Ghost house exit sign and door Sprite 8D.png Tileset-specific (GFX0F) 1A
8E Invisible "Warp Hole" Sprite 8E.png Standard (no GFX) 1B
8F Scale platforms Sprite 8F.png Sprite 8F 2.png Close/Far (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) 1C
90 Large green gas bubble Sprite 90.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 1D
91 Chargin' Chuck Sprite 91.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 1E
92 Splittin' Chuck Sprite 92.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 1F
93 Bouncin' Chuck Sprite 93.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 20
94 Whistlin' Chuck Sprite 94.png Sprite 94 2.png Super Koopas/Rip Van Fish (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX13/06, 13/09) 21
95 Clappin' Chuck Sprite 95.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 22
96 Unused Sprite 96.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 23
97 Puntin' Chuck Sprite 97.png Tileset-specific (GFX13/04, 13/0E) 24
98 Pitchin' Chuck Sprite 98.png Sprite 98 2.png Sprite 98 3.png Sprite 98 4.png 2/4/6/5 Balls (X&3) Tileset-specific (GFX13/09, 13/0E) 25
99 Volcano Lotus Sprite 99.png Tileset-specific (GFX09) 26
9A Sumo Brother Sprite 9A.png Tileset-specific (GFX09) 27
9B Amazing Flying Hammer Brother Sprite 9B.png Tileset-specific (GFX13) 28
9C Flying gray blocks for Hammer Brother Sprite 9C.png Standard (GFX00/01) 29
9D Sprite in a bubble Sprite 9D.png Sprite 9D 2.png Sprite 9D 3.png Sprite 9D 4.png Goomba/Bob-omb/Cheep Cheep/Mushroom (X&3) Tileset-specific (GFX02 and sometimes 13) 2A
9E Ball 'n' Chain Sprite 9E.png Sprite 9E 2.png Clockwise/Counter-clockwise (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX03) 2B
9F Banzai Bill Sprite 9F.png Tileset-specific (GFX20) 2C
A0 Bowser battle activator Sprite A0.png Tileset-specific 2D
A1 Bowser's "bowling ball" Sprite A1.png Tileset-specific (GFX24) 2E
A2 Mecha-Koopa Sprite A2.png Tileset-specific (GFX24) 2F
A3 Rotating gray platform Sprite A3.png Sprite A3 2.png Counter-clockwise/Clockwise (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12/05, 13/05) 30
A4 Floating spike ball Sprite A4.png Sprite A4 2.png Slow/Fast (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) 31
A5 Wall-following Sparky/Fuzzy Sprite A5.png Sprite A5 2.png Left/Right (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05 or 12) 32
A6 Hothead Sprite A6.png Sprite A6 2.png Left/Right (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) 33
A7 Iggy's ball projectile Sprite A7.png Tileset-specific 34
A8 Blargg Sprite A8.png Tileset-specific (GFX04) 35
A9 Reznor Sprite A9.png Tileset-specific (GFX25) 36
AA Fishbone Sprite AA.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) 37
AB Rex Sprite AB.png Tileset-specific (GFX20) 38
AC Wooden spike pointing down Sprite AC.png Tileset-specific (GFX12) 39
AD Wooden spike pointing up Sprite AD.png Sprite AD 2.png Up/Down First (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX12) 3A
AE Fishin' Boo Sprite AE.png Tileset-specific (GFX06/11) 3B
AF Boo Block Sprite AF.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 3C
B0 Reflecting stream of Boo Buddies Sprite B0.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 3D
B1 Creating/eating block Sprite B1.png Sprite B1 2.png Creating/Eating (X&1) Standard (GFX00) 3E
B2 Falling spike Sprite B2.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) 3F
B3 Bowser statue fireball Sprite B3.png Tileset-specific (GFX12) 40
B4 Grinder that moves on the ground Sprite B4.png Tileset-specific (GFX12) 41
B5 Unused Sprite B5.png Tileset-specific (GFX24) 42
B6 Reflecting fireball Sprite B6.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) 43
B7 Carrot Top Lift, upper right Sprite B7.png Tileset-specific (GFX20) 44
B8 Carrot Top Lift, upper left Sprite B8.png Tileset-specific (GFX20) 45
B9 Info Box Sprite B9.png Sprite B9 2.png Message 1/Message 2 (X&1) Standard (GFX01) 46
BA Timed Lift Sprite BA.png Sprite BA 2.png 4 Seconds/1 Second (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX20) 47
BB Moving castle block Sprite BB.png Tileset-specific (GFX03) 48
BC Bowser statue Sprite BC.png Sprite BC 2.png Sprite BC 3.png Sprite BC 2.png Normal/Fire/Leaping/Fire (X&3) Tileset-specific (GFX12) 49
BD Sliding Koopa Sprite BD.png Standard (GFX00/01) 4A
BE Swooper Sprite BE.png Tileset-specific (GFX04) 4B
BF Mega Mole Sprite BF.png Tileset-specific (GFX20) 4C
C0 Sinking gray platform on lava Sprite C0.png Tileset-specific (GFX05) 4D
C1 Flying gray turn blocks Sprite C1.png Sprite C1 2.png Up/Down First (X&1) Standard (GFX00/01) 4E
C2 Blurp Sprite C2.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) 4F
C3 Porcu-Puffer Sprite C3.png Tileset-specific (GFX06) 50
C4 Gray platform that falls Sprite C4.png Tileset-specific (GFX12, 13) 51
C5 Big Boo Boss Sprite C5.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 52
C6 Spotlight/dark room sprite Sprite C6.png Tileset-specific (GFX0E) 53
C7 Invisible mushroom Sprite C7.png Standard (GFX00) 54
C8 Light switch for dark room Sprite C8.png Standard (GFX00) 55
C9 Bullet Bill shooter Sprite C9.png Special/Generator (GFX01) 56
CA Torpedo Ted launcher Sprite CA.png Special/Generator (GFX06) 57
CB Eerie generator Sprite CB.png Special/Generator (GFX06/11) 58
CC Para-Goomba generator Sprite CC.png Special/Generator (GFX02) 59
CD Para-Bomb generator Sprite CD.png Special/Generator (GFX02) 5A
CE Para-Goomba and Para-Bomb generator Sprite CE.png Special/Generator (GFX02) 5B
CF Dolphin generator (left) Sprite CF.png Special/Generator (GFX06) 5C
D0 Dolphin generator (right) Sprite D0.png Special/Generator (GFX06) 5D
D1 Flying fish generator Sprite D1.png Special/Generator (GFX13) 5E
D2 Turn Off Generator 2 Sprite D2.png Special/Generator 5F
D3 Super Koopa generator Sprite D3.png Special/Generator (GFX09) 60
D4 Bubbled sprite generator Sprite D4.png Special/Generator (GFX02) 61
D5 Bullet Bill generator (GFX01) Sprite D5.png Special/Generator 62
D6 Multidirectional Bullet Bill generator Sprite D6.png Special/Generator (GFX05) 63
D7 Multidirectional diagonal Bullet Bill generator Sprite D7.png Special/Generator (GFX05) 64
D8 Bowser statue fire generator Sprite D8.png Special/Generator (GFX12) 65
D9 Turn Off Generators Sprite D9.png Special/Generator 66
DA Green Koopa shell Sprite DA.png Standard (GFX01) 67
DB Red Koopa shell Sprite DB.png Standard (GFX01) 68
DC Blue Koopa shell Sprite DC.png Standard (GFX01) 69
DD Yellow Koopa shell Sprite DD.png Standard (GFX01) 6A
DE Group of 5 wave-moving Eeries Sprite DE.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 6B
DF Green Para-Koopa shell Sprite DF.png Standard (GFX01) 6C
E0 3 rotating gray platforms Sprite E0.png Sprite E0 2.png Clockwise/Counter-clockwise (X&1) Tileset-specific (GFX05) 6D
E1 Boo Ceiling Sprite E1.png Special/Generator (GFX11) 6E
E2 Boo Ring moving counterclockwise Sprite E2.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 6F
E3 Boo Ring moving clockwise Sprite E3.png Tileset-specific (GFX11) 70
E4 Swooper Death Bat Ceiling Sprite E4.png Special/Generator (GFX04, see note) 71
E5 Appearing/disappearing Boos Sprite E5.png Special/Generator (GFX11) 72
E6 Background candle flames Sprite E6.png Special/Generator (GFX03) 73
E7 Unused Sprite E7.png Special/Generator 74
E8 Special auto-scroll command Sprite E8.png Sprite E8 2.png Sprite E8 3.png Sprite E8 4.png Sprite E8 5.png Sprite E8 6.png Type (Extra Bit) (Y=0..1) Special/Generator 75
E9 Layer 2 Smash Sprite E9.png Sprite E9 2.png Sprite E9 3.png Type (Extra Bit) Special/Generator 76
EA Layer 2 scrolling command Sprite EA.png Sprite EA 2.png Sprite EA 3.png Sprite EA 4.png Sprite EA 5.png Sprite EA 6.png Type (Extra Bit) (Y=0..1) Special/Generator 77
EB Unused Sprite EB.png Special/Generator 78
EC Unused Sprite EC.png Special/Generator 79
ED Layer 2 Falls Sprite ED.png Special/Generator 7A
EE Unused Sprite EE.png Special/Generator 7B
EF Layer 2 sideways-scrolling command Sprite EF.png Sprite EF 2.png Type (Extra Bit) Special/Generator 7C
F0 Unused Sprite F0.png Special/Generator 7D
F1 Unused Sprite F1.png Special/Generator 7E
F2 Layer 2 on/off switch controller Sprite F2.png Special/Generator 7F
F3 Standard auto-scroll command Sprite F3.png Sprite F3 2.png Sprite F3 3.png Sprite F3 4.png Type (Extra Bit) (Y=0..2) Special/Generator 80
F4 Fast background scroll Sprite F4.png Special/Generator 81
F5 Layer 2 sink command Sprite F5.png Sprite F5 2.png Sprite F5 3.png Sprite F5 4.png Type (Extra Bit) Special/Generator 82
F6 Unused Sprite F6.png N/A 83
F7 Unused Sprite F7.png N/A 84
F8 Unused Sprite F8.png N/A 85
F9 Unused Sprite F9.png N/A 86
FA Unused Sprite FA.png N/A 87
FB Unused Sprite FB.png N/A 88
FC Unused Sprite FC.png N/A 89
FD Unused Sprite FD.png N/A 8A
FE Unused Sprite FE.png N/A 8B
FF Unused Sprite FF.png N/A 8C