Past Tournaments

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Tournament Top 3 Date Category Bracket
No Star World Tournament xpaco51st, ArtegaOmega2nd, Linkdeadx23rd October 6, 2013 No Starworld Challonge
SMW Any% Akisto1st, Volpey2nd, Truman3rd March 17, 2014 Any% (11 Exit) Challonge
The Second SMW No Star World Tournament RetroBob1st, xpaco52nd, Dotsarecool3rd June 19, 2015 No Starworld Challonge
Super Mario World All Castles Tournament RetroBob1st, Sten2nd, Truman3rd June 1, 2016 All Castles Challonge
Super Mario World No Cape, No Starworld Tournament Calco1st, Lui2nd, Dotsarecool3rd May 27, 2017 No Cape, No Starworld Challonge
EFT Memorial No Starworld Tournament Lui1st, Seathorne2nd, MostlySMW3rd November 8, 2017 No Starworld Challonge
Super Mario World 11 Exit, NMG Tournament RetroBob1st, Lui2nd, Area513rd April 23, 2018 11 Exit, NMG Challonge
Super Mario World 96 Exit Championship Sten1st, RetroBob2nd, Seathorne3rd August 4, 2018 96 Exit Challonge